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Betting Favorites, Odds and Futures Market for Qatar 2022

The World Cup 2022 in Qatar is just a year away and many squads from different

confederations are doing their best to be qualified for next year’s biggest sporting event. 

We expect that Europe’s dominance will continue from the qualifiers to the finals, however, as we all know, a lot can change in 365 days. As we look forward to next year’s Qatar event, we can’t help but to pay attention to the top pick who will win the World Cup.

On this list, we enumerated the top five betting favorites and their respective ty le bong da to win the international tournament as predicted by the bookies.

France (+600)

The World Cup’s current defending champion is obviously the automatic favorite pick to win the event. Back in 2018 in Russia, The Bleus put in a stunning performance all throughout the season and it became apparent to the rest of the football world how formidable of an opponent France could be.

However, considering their performance in this year’s Euro 2020, it is safe to say that the French national team has its own weaknesses after all. Nevertheless, next year’s World Cup could be a neck and neck competition between France and Brazil.

Brazil (+550)

Brazil, ah. The country where the people’s passion for football is tremendous is also the top pick to win the competition. This year’s qualifiers has been a good start for Brazil, their polished performance in all of their 11 matches seemed to be perfect. 

It is expected for the Seleção to dominate next year’s World Cup, the team is equipped with enough guns to rake the coveted championship title and add it to their roster of wins as their sixth. As for the talents, the squad consists of Brazil’s finest with the likes of Marquinhos, Ederson, Fred, Fabinho, and football superstar, Neymar.

England (+700)

Southgate’s side had a rough patch this year with their failure to top in the Euro 2020 last summer with their defeat from Italy in the finals. However, the bookies are fairly optimistic for The Three Lions to recover for next year’s international football event.

England is continuously improving, building up their defensive power and organizing well their men to boost up their performances next year. The qualifying round seemed to be a breeze for the team, as they swept off San Marino and became the top team in their group.

Canada (+5000)

We all know that the World Cup title has never been claimed by any non-European or South American country and Canada is the perfect team to complete the job. The CONCACAF is dominated by the rivalry between the United States and Mexico, however, the victory of Canada over Mexico is a big surprise for everybody.

It is no surprise that this squad is sweeping across this region, the team is full of youthful vigor and talented individuals. One person to take note of is versatile player, Alphonso Davies of Bayern Munich. John Herdman’s side is skillful, agile, passionate and well-coordinated.

Belgium (+1200)

Okay, it may be a lot of pressure for Belgium to prove their worth in all the international football tournaments considering they topped the FIFA’s world ranking for the best national team. However, we couldn’t ignore how talented this squad is. The only concern as for now is Kevin de Bruyne’s injury record but he and Romelu Lukaku will definitely be a good tandem.

Final Thoughts

Next year’s World Cup in Qatar could be full of surprises, so expect to lower down your expectations to your top picks. It is still better to analyze the team’s previous performances and their current standing to come up with a good online betting decision.