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Why More People Aren’t Winning at Horse Betting


Horse racing is a popular gambling choice across Singapore as well as Malaysia. Bettors aren’t content with the race itself, but also indulged in placing massive bets that spice everything up.

Despite horse betting being so widely known alongside with Singapore pools of football odds and fixtures, many make a mess of their funds because they don’t understand what it takes to make it work and what they should do before they deposit their money.

These are the things you need to remember if you want to increase your odds of winning at bets on horses:

The Contest

It is important for bettors especially novices to look over race cards. This brochure contains race breakdowns and information on the horses in past races. It also lists the previous race’s conditions along with distances and positions at the finish which will be helpful for betting enthusiasts to evaluate everything in the competition.


While knowing every horse isn’t enough to get better chances of winning, one should know about the jockeys that also control horses. It may be a race about horses, but keep in mind that jockeys have the responsibility of making the most of these horses.

The starting position

If you believe that races track positions aren’t crucial If you’re not, then you’re still not prepared for horse betting. It is better to choose horses that are less likely to get pinned, or compressed. A corner that is driven into could be detrimental to any horse, resulting in a greater chance of losing.

Things mentioned above are just few of other variables, besides speed, that can affect a horse race, and the betting that goes with it. It is not all about speed, and horse racing betting can prove you that. The thrill of horse racing truly rises when wagers are added to it. However, before you take the irresistible gamble, make sure you research prior to making a decision. The success of your bet isn’t solely based on horse speed or luck. Don’t lose like anybody else and don’t just believe in Singapore pool sports odds.

If you want to know why more people aren’t winning at horse betting, read theseinfographic below from CM2 BET.

Why More People Aren’t Winning at Horse Betting