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 AstroPay at online casinos: how reliable is this payment method?

The AstroPay is a virtual prepaid card, simple and safe, which can be used by players in online casinos. Unlike traditional credit cards and online wallets, where you transfer your money to a virtual account, this form of payment does not require a direct transfer from your account. With this card, you buy 77betsports credits as if you were making any other online purchase. Many online casinos accept deposits via AstroPay, a form of payment for players who do not want to involve their bank account or credit cards in financial transactions with digital bookmakers.

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How to use your AstroPay card in casinos

Buy your AstroPay prepaid with preset values ​​from $50 to $500 dollars. Your purchase can be made in dollar and you receive credits in the currency of your choice. You are given number, expiration date and security code to make a deposit at online casinos and can check your balance whenever you like via the website or the app. You can buy as many cards as you need to reach the balance you want in your AstroPay account and you do not need to use the entire value of a card at once.

You can make deposits to different websites with the same card. AstroPay is a reliable and confidential payment method because you do not need to provide personal data or financial information to make your payments. The AstroPay card is a virtual prepaid card that means you do not have a physical card, but you can keep track of all the changes to your account with the casino through the website or app on your phone.

Advantages of this card in online casinos

For players, the variety of payment methods at an online casino is one of the biggest advantages. Check out everything you can enjoy with the AstroPay card.

Credit flexibility

There is no credit limit like traditional credit cards. You can buy as many prepaid cards as you like to reach the balance you need to use AstroPay in casinos.

Confidentiality and security

You do not need to send personal or bank details to have a balance in your casino account via AstroPay. You choose the best way to buy your credits, if you choose an option like bank transfer.

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Instant deposit

When you choose AstroPay card as your payment method at the online casino, your transfer will be processed immediately, unlike a bank transfer or online wallets like PayPal and Neteller.

Controlled expenses

You can control the agen slot pragmatic statement through the website or the mobile application. One of the biggest advantages of a prepaid card is that you never spend more than you planned, as the credits on the card have been paid in advance, once you exceed the amount you will no longer be able to make payments and will need to deposit a balance again to have credit on your AstroPay card.

Free of unexpected fees

You will have credits in foreign currency to deposit the value of your bets. This means that you will not need to convert amounts, like casino bonuses, as your credits will be in dollars. You will not incur currency losses or incur unexpected fees that are normally charged for international purchases via traditional credit cards.