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How to Play Sticky and Non-Sticky Bonuses

When you bet for the first time in an online casino, you have to choose a sizeable welcome bonus. You get two options to sign up for that bonus- Sticky and Non-Sticky Bonuses.

You will not have any idea about those bonuses until you earn the first cash.This article will tell the differences between these two bonuses. Also, you will get to see the advantages of these bonuses before you play your next online betting game.

What is the sticky bonus?

You can bet and win the sticky bonus but you can’t withdraw it. Some online casinos show their prizes for ‘the betting only’ purpose, which means you are playing sticky bonuses. You can click this link for more information about the bonuses

The sticky bonus is only for those players who have experience in betting. Also, they must have a large initial fund for playing such bonuses. You can’t withdraw your prize in this sticky bonus. Compared to the standard bonus, you have to play the sticky bonus differently in online betting.

What is the non-sticky bonus?

In the non-sticky bonus, you can withdraw it immediately after collecting it. However, you have to fulfill the betting requirements mentioned in the promotion’s terms and conditions. With this kind of bonus, the online casino allows withdrawing the winning prize without any hassle. What’s more, if you have fulfilled betting requirements, you can collect remained amount from the first deposit bonus. The non-sticky bonus is also known as a ‘parachute bonus in online betting.

What are the differences between sticky bonuses and non-sticky bonuses?

  • You can collect the sticky bonus in the first go as they are used for the ‘the betting only’ plan. These types of bonuses are not cashable. While the non-sticky bonuses are collectible without any rule or regulation.
  • You get a huge prize in the sticky bonuses compared to non-sticky bonuses. But you must have a better bankroll to play such bonuses in online betting.
  • Talking about non-sticky bonuses, you can win betting prizes as you get immediate bonus prizes. The non-sticky bonus is less complicated compared to the sticky bonus.
  • You have to be an experienced player to play the sticky bonus otherwise you lose more prize money in online betting.
  • For non-sticky bonuses, you don’t need to have experience playing online betting. You can play these bonuses without any conditions and restrictions.
  • In a non-sticky bonus, you get a chance to withdraw all earned prizes without having issues. But you earn less profit from these bonuses.
  • If you choose the sticky bonus, you will get a chance to increase your balance even before you start your game.

Pros of Sticky bonuses 

  • You can place larger bets
  • You get a huge profit
  • Less demanding betting requirements


While you choose to play Sticky and Non-Sticky bonuses, you should carefully read the casino’s promotional rules placed in the terms and conditions section. Each bonus comes with its separate terms and conditions. You should see the casino’s terms in detail to check whether these bonuses are cashable or not.